NaruHina AU - don't know what to say but KAWAIIIIIIII

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Lee's head spells Ninja. His life was leading up to the moment when he would become a ninja.

Lee's head spells Ninja Like oh meh gerd x.x btw goodmorning my pandas ~Erin(:

I'm so scared, Sasuke. Little twat.

I'm so scared, Sasuke.

Team 7- I am still near the beginning, so seeing them all so close to Kakshi's height

My Favorite team of Ninjas kakashi, naruto, sasuke, and sakura.

I don`t ship this but Minato is funny. He thinks that Kushina is hard on himself that`s why he`s asking her to go easy on Naruto. Naruto is like Kushina and Hinata is like Minato.

Though Naruto takes after his mother in some ways he needs someone like Sakura to take care of him. And that's why narusaku really is perfect!