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High blood pressure remedy

High blood pressure remedy (pinning as an FYI for anyone with BP problems.May be worth a try but don't know if there would be contraindications if currently taking prescription medications - would research!

Lucid Dreaming.

How to control your dreams Speaking of foods affecting dreams, I have a friend that says cream of celery soup gives him sexual dreams.

Not perfect but more or less a curate ∆ Abilities.Psychic abilities are said to be innate in all of us. There are natural feelers, healers, and seers among us who only need awakening and constant practice to fully develop their extra-mundane abilities.

Outer space Tree tattoo half sleeve by Jamie Lee Parker - This was a great concept to work from. Zach is a fan of the movie the fountain so we designe

Owl tattooed colorful on Arm - | #Tattoo, #Tattooed, #Tattoos

My tattoo by the one and only Tyler Malek, out of Salem, NH. Underworld Tattoo I shall call him Otis