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Travel ~ Japan

Travel ~ Japan

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Cinderella Castle ~Tokyo Disneyland, Japan

Tokyo City view ~ Japan

Tokyo Most Stunning Pictures

Hirosaki Castle in Spring ~ Japan

Mt.Fuji Spring ~ Japan

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Waterfall Bridge ~ Takachiho Gorge, Japan

Waterfall Bridge, Takachiho Gorge, Japan

Cherry Garden ~ Kyoto, Japan Takahiro Bessho 原谷苑の桜

東京カメラ部 Popular

Line of cherry trees at night ~ Gojo-kawa river, Aichi, Japan

夜桜 - 写真共有サイト:PHOTOHITO

Geisha-The word geisha literally means "artist" and late in the eighteenth century this could have described an array of Japanese women artists: Shiro, purely an entertainer; kerobi, a tumbling geisha; kido, a geisha who stood at the entrance to carnivals; or joro, a prostitute and the type of woman that professional geishas have been wrongly mistaken as for many years

Kimika, a high ranking maiko (apprentice geiko) of Miyagawa-cho ~ one of Kyoto's five “flower towns” (hanamachi, where geisha live, train, and entertain). Behind her, a cascade of pink cherry blossoms...

Maiko Kimika ~ on the day of her misedashi (her first day as a maiko), Kyoto, Japan

Watching the Zuiko Matsuri ~ Kyoto, Japan. October 4, 2013. Photography by Tamayura on Flickr

The pagoda of Seigantoji and Nachi no Taki Waterfall ~Japan |

19 Reasons to Love Japan, an Unforgettable Travel Destination

Young participant in the Zuiko Matsuri ~ Kyoto, Japan. October 4, 2013. Photography by Tamayura on Flickr

The geisha Satomi of Gion Kobu ~ at Yuuraku Inari Daimyojin Shrine

Geisha And Maiko | John Paul Foster - Part 11

Dancing maiko

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Coming of Age day ~ under the snow in Tokyo

Sayuri (Ziyi Zhang) ~ 'Memoirs of a Geisha' 2005. Costume designed by Colleen Atwood.


Japan Travel Tip Sheet

京都市 (Kyoto) - 京都府

Japanese Traditional dress

Geiko Mameyuri-san-- Gion town, Higashiyama area in Kyoto

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Maiko 舞妓

朝日新聞デジタル写真特集「「祇園の舞妓はん撮影会」写真コンテスト 2012」

Fall Portal ~ Japan

Japanese Garden in Nikko ~ Tochigi, Japan | Keiichi Taguchi 逍遥園


Sakura ~ Tokyo, Japan

Sakura, Tokyo Japan - Scenes From The World