BMWKarlovyVary PetrHencl

BMWKarlovyVary PetrHencl
Czech Republic / Jsem profesionálem v prodeji vozidel BMW v karlovarském kraji. Kontakt: Petr Hencl +420 731 501 991, mail:
BMWKarlovyVary PetrHencl
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BMW i8

BMW lets slip word that its has fuel cell electric vehicles in the works -- if this ain't just another tease the new BMW FCEV could hit the road in

BMW i8 in detail. Laser light.  Published on Dec 14, 2013 With this BMW TV series you can get a closer look at the BMW i8. This time you can get more information about the laser light technology.

BMW have introduced a rather interesting innovation to its new hybrid, laser headlights. The optional feature for the car that is set to go on sale in Europe in the summer this year, offer a more energy-efficient and safer alternative to LED lights.

BMW i8 Concept Interface Design

Optimum information: The freestanding information display in the dash is joined by an equally large display taking the role of the instrument cluster.