OMG I want this Hair.

Beautiful blond and red highlights on black straight hairstyle.I want!

cute-includes tutorial

Cute and easy 3 bun hairdo thing. seperate into 3 parts @ nape of neck. Braid each. Loosen up braids. Twist each braid up into a bun individually & pin in place. Make sure all 3 sit on eachother nicely so they look right. Love the color too

OOH my goodness. This is the cutest clock I've ever seen. :)

What a cute owl clock! The left side is hours, the right side is the idea!

Mother's Baby Name Ring by loveandvictory: Hand engraved with her children's names and birth dates. #Baby_Name_Ring #loveandvictory

The sweetest gift for mothers: rings hand-engraved with her children's names and birthdates. Wear alone or stacked. What a wonderful gift to pass down for generations. I want to get this for my Mom one day.

St. Jude® Ceramic Owls by westelm:  Five dollars of the purchase price will go to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. #Owl #Figurine #St_Jude

For each of these colorful St. Jude Ceramic Owls sold, 5 dollars of the purchase price will go to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

Stamped fingernails - mixed colors

Stamped "Butterfly Wing" with Magnetic Freakin' Violet Base and Sally Hansen Chrome Mixed Colors for Stamp

Constellation Necklace

Constellation Necklace -- This is an awesome idea that it could certainly be executed way better.

Moon and Star Pendant

Stacy from Nevada: Moon and Star Pendant, Sterling Silver Necklace with Sapphire from Gemvara