Week Seven: "Marriage Reduces Social Ties" Author: Naomi Gerstel and Natalia Sarkisian

This research poses that marriage today is actually isolating partners from other people in society, namely family. This isolation is predicted to create future problems for both society and the couple. The authors use national data collected from 1994-2004 to reveal that married couples (across the board) do indeed have fewer ties to relatives, are less likely to help, visit, talk with their parents and siblings, and are less likely to take care of their aging parents.
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Yet another article form within the Christian world.. This focuses on the parent-in-laws and the "annoyances" that come with them. There are several issues addressed, but the foundational theme is the parents' presence in the married couple's lives. This article offers advice on how to deal with this "intrusiveness". But the main point: it shows how deeply Americans value their privacy, even as a married unit.

4 timely tips for newlyweds and their parents. Interesting article with great advice for newlyweds and parents, however, I would stress the importance of Jesus as a captain of the "ship" the two newlyweds are steering.

The opening statement of the textbook story addresses the common pre-conceived notion that married people are happier and healthier than single people. The article presented on the Huffington Post suggests that people claim to be happier when married than they would have been, had they not gotten married. This article addresses the saddening question: is an individual destined for unhappiness if he/she grows old alone?

Inside The Surprising New Findings About Marriage And Happiness

The story from the textbook touched on the idea of soul mates and how Americans have grown to expect to rely only on each other (the spouse). The authors state that as we continue to expect our partners to be our soul mates, we become less involved with other people. The attached article describes the "elements" of a soul mate. In reading about the elements, it seems as if your soul mate is all you would ever need, for soul mates "satisfy and fulfill your heart and soul"

The 10 Elements of a Soulmate

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"Marriage Savers". Well this was extremely interesting. The purpose behind this organization is to help restore marriages and/or prevent divorce from happening. It is a religiously affiliated group that believe in the "community marriage policy" in which married couples seek help within church community. I believe community is a beautiful and vital thing to be a part of when married, or just in general. However, this organization seems to promote this "policy" with more business-like…

Marriage Savers: Preparing, Strengthening, and Restoring Marriages