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a person is cutting up food on a wooden table with utensils and seasonings
Since they are taking their mixture home. Dickson’s Farmstand Meats brought a sample of what the product will look and taste like. Excellent taste that is sure to be a winner with anyone who tries it!!
The finally mix before they place their mixture into the ramekins ... Chef, Festival
The finally mix before they place their mixture into the ramekins ...
a person in gloves is scooping something out of a bowl
The students mixing their own mixture of pork, bacon and spices that they will be able to take home and bake; making their own terrine
there are many plates and cups on the table with plastic wrapper around them that have been placed on it
The chefs taught about the different types of terrines and pâtés, how to source the right cuts of meat, cooking techniques and serving suggestions then on to the hands-on
there are many cups and bowls on the table with papers in front of them that have been placed on top of each other
Sunday 19th October: Last class of the evening; Terrine Making 101: Learn the Art of Pâté with Dickson's Farmstand Meats
two women holding plates of food in a kitchen
Finished product: Korean Chicken Meatballs
a person in white gloves is preparing food on a cutting board
Finished product: The Duck Banh Mi Rolls
a person holding a paper plate with two pieces of food on it and the other half eaten
Finished product: The Salt and Pepper Rock Shrimp
a group of people standing around in a room with food on the table and other items
Students in preparation with their ingredients at the meatball station
a group of people standing around a kitchen preparing food on top of a wooden cutting board
Assisting students with cutting and preparing their ingredients for the Duck rolls
a group of people standing around a kitchen preparing food on top of a stovetop
Students learning technique and preparation at the Rock Shrimp station
a group of people standing in a kitchen preparing food and talking to each other while others look on
The head Chef walking among all the stations explaining the concepts and cooking techniques that will be used in preparation of each item
several people are preparing food in a large room with high ceilings and wooden floors,
Sunday 19th October: 3rd class by Anolon Cookware presents Classic Canapés with Great Performances Part of the Artisanal Cooking Series at Home Studios. Three separate stations were setup to cook the following; Japanese Salt and Pepper Rock Shrimp, Korean Chicken Meatballs and Duck Banh Mi Rolls
a white plate topped with pasta and sauce on top of a metal table next to garlic
Sfoglini Part brought the same type of pasta to cook and let the students take their class made pasta home. Fresh pasta freezes extremely well keeping the "freshness" taste ... again, put it on your bucket list to try someday even if only once
two hands on top of a table with small pieces of food
Today's special shape is Cavatelli, which is commonly made in Sicily and southern Italy, Cavatelli’s curved shape and long rolled edge helps hold thicker sauces.