Historic London Canal & Waterway images

A collation of old photographs showing scenes around London's lost and forgotten canals and waterways. The ongoing project criteria is to only use images already on the internet - and to draw them together in one place for further study, and to try and piece together geographically (something I haven't been able to find elsewhere). Many of these photos have taken a lot of effort to find - I'm sorry to have to say that excessive re pinners will be blocked.
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Painted Boats - Mary Smith and Alf Stoner head through the busy docks towards the Thames. Limehouse in E14.

Painted Boats -

Painted Boats - Passing through Willesden in London NW10 overshadowed by Acton Lane Power Station.

Painted Boats - Mary and Alf pass Kensal Green Gas Works. The Grand Union Canal in London W10.

Roving bridge, Kingsland Basin, Regent's Canal, London

The history of Kingsland Wharves

'Zaritza' (Fi, 1877) in Regent's Canal Dock, London

Experimental motor boat 'Duchess' at Brentford on the Grand Junction Canal. Black and white photograph of 'Duchess' with "Thornycroft Gas Motor" written on the side. The boat is a gas powered suction producer, and an ex Fellows, Morton & Clayton Limited steamer. There are men on the boat and industrial buildings in the background. Date: January 1906. #London #canal #Boat #Brentford #grand #union #fellows #morton #clayton #thorneycroft #gas

Black and white photograph showing Wedlake Street Toll Bridge, Kilburn, where there are loaded boats and workers on the canal. There are numerous industrial buildings and houses visible in the background. [The bridge was replaced in May 1905 by another footbridge]. Date1880s. #London #canal #Boat #Kilburn #Paddington #toll #arm #grand #union #bridge

Map of London's Waterways

" Loading a barge with coal from a railway wagon on the Grand Junction canal, about 1900."

MAYPOLE 6: A boat operated by Otto Monsted to supply their Margerine Works at Maypole Dock, Southall

BW192-3-1-34-7-5: "Fleet of narrowboats from Commercial Road Lock at Regent's Canal Dock"

BW192-3-1-34-7-7 : "Fleet of narrowboats from Commercial Road Lock at Regent's Canal Dock"

BW192-3-2-2-28-28: " Legging in Islington Canal Tunnel on the Regent's Canal". c1916

BW192-3-2-2-28-56: " Coal discharging jetty at Regent's Canal Dock" c1911

BW192-3-2-2-28-90: "Group of men and a towpath haulage tractor on the Regent's Canal" c1920

Caption: "GU Paddington Arm" BW197/2/26/43 Image showing piling work being carried out near Southall in the 1960's, and the towpath bridge over wharf entrance to J. Lyons. #London #canal #Boat

Caption: "1933: An ice-breaker at work on the Grand Union Canal at Slough, Buckinghamshire" #London #canal #Boat (PILOT was most likely an ex-Blisworth tunnel tug. The photo is interesting in that it looks like the engine is running, although the boat could well be moving backwards - therefore potentially being towed itself)

Caption " Grand Union Canal Carrying Company narrowboat being painted" BW192-3-1-13-4 #London #canal #Boat

Caption: " Grand Union Canal Carrying Company butty 'Arcas' at Bulls Bridge" BW192-3-1-13-6 #London #canal #Boat

Caption: " Grand Union Canal Carrying Company narrowboats in Bulls Bridge dry dock" BW192-3-1-13-3 #London #canal #Boat

Caption: " Grand Union Canal Carrying Company narrowboats in Bulls Bridge dry dock" BW192-3-1-13-5 #London #canal #Boat

Thomas Clayton tug HARKEN towing a single loaded tanker barge from the Hanwell flight area towards the Nestlé factory at Hayes (BW200-1-40-49-1) #London #canal #Boat

Caption: "View of the rebuilding of Macclesfield Bridge, Regent's Canal, after explosion of canal barge"