Vogue, 1965.

Pollipò Occhiali Eyewear loves this Pin! /// British Vogue, July Orlon dress by Susan Small, sunglasses by Oliver Goldsmith, Photo by David Bailey

.:.:.:.:.:.psychedelic art.:.:.:.:.:.

They are watching the human experiment, mushrooms allow us to avert our perspective back in their direction, which is vast.

Jim Morrison-The Morrison clan embraces the idea that Jim Morrison of the Doors fame was an incarnation of Dionysius, the ritual celebrates excess and all that life has to offer with music by the Doors playing in the background.

Jim Morrison The Doors. Nobody before or since has rocked leather the way the Lizard King did!

[Two figures engaging each other...evoking a sense of duplicity. Black streaks cut out of the face itself or painted on? Can we trust our eyes or are we being deceived - drawn in by false promises?]

love this composition for a beauty shot or for my fraternal, identical, siamese concept.

OZ Magazine, Issue 3 (May, 1967)  What Beautiful Eyes She Has Cool Illustration

☮ American Hippie ~ Psychedelic Art, OZ Magazine, Issue 3 (May, What Beautiful Eyes She Has - Martin Sharp

Electric Prunes 1967

the electric prunes poster, 1967 ( psychedelic poster / rock poster / / mod / art / illustration ) Now that's a great name for a band!