" El amor de una madre no tiene color ni raza, tiene un corazon inmenso para sus bebes"

This is my miniature hereford cow, her name is Moon and her calf is named Otto. I grew up on a farm and cows happen to be my favorite animal.

I dare you to knock this chick off my head. I dare you.

See Julia, this is the face my cows give me on HayDay.don't look at me in that tone of voice. Bubba and Hudson (Jersey Calf and Baby Chicken) - Hudson perches on Bubba's head for a birds eye view.

OMG ... This darling face! :)

OMG ... This darling face! :)

Jersey cows!

Sweet baby calves I love Jerseys! I grew up with a sweet Jersey named Emma. Can't help but love the baby animals.


If that was a corn field that cow would be in a pen in a hurry if it was at our farm!