Comix: Originals by Bob Jude Ferrante

Various original drawings, mostly intended to amuse in some way. Enjoy!
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a comic strip with several faces and speech bubbles
Bob Jude Ferrante
Bernard strip: #3.
a comic strip with some drawings on it
Bob Jude Ferrante
Captain Vye strip: #5.
a drawing of a hand holding a bar of chocolate
Bob Jude Ferrante
L'importance du Vie.
a black and white drawing of a bird with a sign saying who'd a think it?
Bob Jude Ferrante
Who'd a thunk it?
a drawing of a cartoon character with an eye on it's head and arms
Bob Jude Ferrante
a drawing of a green dinosaur with a music note on its head and an ear
Bob Jude Ferrante
Di No Yo Ma.
a drawing of a man with purple hair
Bob Jude Ferrante
Don Martino.
two cartoon characters are standing next to each other and one is pointing at something in the air
Bob Jude Ferrante
Boo boo boo the ghostly trio.
a drawing of a dragon pulling a string
Bob Jude Ferrante
Dragon (the line).
Hi. Bags, Hi
Bob Jude Ferrante
four panel comic strip with two men talking to each other and one man holding something in his hand
Bob Jude Ferrante
Whilst strolling through the park One Day...
a drawing of a man with an evil look on his face
Bob Jude Ferrante
a cartoon drawing of two people standing in front of a machine and talking to each other
Bob Jude Ferrante
Dr. Roger Hanarap's machine converts a song directly into a toaster.
an eye looking up at the camera with a caption that reads i think about it i think about it every day
Bob Jude Ferrante
I think about it. I think about it every day.
a black and white drawing of a park bench
Bob Jude Ferrante
This space for rent.