glamorous. fabulous. charming. fun. flirty. elegant. exciting. delicate. whimsical. wonderful. dramatic. cute. dreamy. alluring. magnificent. daring. enticing. enchanting. charming. sassy. sexy. sweet. artistic. creative. exquisite. stunning. daring....

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This is what it feel like to be with a Narcissist. You constantly have to have your guard up to avoid all attacks. Your survival instincts kicks in, and you will do anything to protect yourself from Narcissistic Abuse.

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I give you a Ryan, its mine. One day it wishes to be loved in a way she never ever thought possible! I give you a because its the best I can do right now on the computer. I give you MY OWN because I truly do love you. Let me say it better... LOVETH YOOH!!

If you have a Narcissist in your life you are abused by their behaviors and it never stops. They never stop betraying, back-stabbing, using, gaslighting, & manipulating everyone else to think that they are innocent and you are the problem. Complete fakes, & nobody sees the real person so they don't figure it out.

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