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デザプラ.com|広告資料館 - 2009年11月の広告資料

デザプラ.com|広告資料館 - 2009年11月の広告資料

Tell a story (*your store's story!) via signage! #Branding #Signage #Retail

Could accomplish this with decals on dark metal squares - an opportunity to use these around the shop and tell the story of your sister and your motivation for creating this space - a good method for telling a bigger story


The butcher shop's beef chart diagram of beef cuts cooking and kitchen information unique art print

Bearings Beef Cuts 101

Beef cuts kinda gross to think about what part of the cow we are eating.

Kitchen 101 | Fundamentals of Cooking and Baking; image and design © 2012 Russell van Kraayenburg of Chasing Delicious.

Beef Primal Retail Cuts - Kitchen Meat Cuts from Chasing Delicious Russell Sese Sese Sese Sese Sese Sese Sese van Kraayenburg