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Arduino Stepper Easy Driver Joystick

OVERVIEW There are many ways to control stepper motors using an Arduino. In this tutorial we will see how to control a Nema 17 size stepper motor using an Analo

Picture of Homemade laser module

Homemade Laser Module: 5 Steps (with Pictures)


Router Table Plan - Build Your Own Router Table

Nice router table and simple to build! It's just too bad I now can't afford a router or any router bits ! Router Table Plan - Build Your Own Router Table

CNC out of a scanner (cheap)

Picture of CNC out of a scanner (cheap).and boy do I have some old printer and scanner parts!

You can salvage parts from scanners and printers to build a cheap CNC machine. Stepper motors and linear guides (rods) have been taken from printers and scanners. The things you need to buy is aluminum profile, stepper controller, Arduino, threaded rods, nuts & bolts. Here 6mm x 1mm threaded rods are used.  This CNC machine can cut Aluminium, Plexiglas, and wood. A dust collector have been made from 3 PVC tubes glued together (see picture). A spindle lamp with 8 LED have been manufa...

CNC out of a scanner (cheap) I Do Not Recomend this one way to complicated

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