Manitoba in February

Manitoba through the camera lens~ Bogdan fiedur
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a log cabin in the snow with a sled on the ground next to it
Cottage in winter scenery
the sun is setting behind some trees in the snow
Beautiful sunset at Lake Manitoba
a snowboarder is going down the hill in front of some houses on a sunny day
Lake Manitoba Cottages
the sun is setting behind some trees in the snowy field with no leaves on them
Sunset at Lake Manitoba
the ocean is seen through some trees on a foggy day
View at Big Whiteshell Lake
a tree in the middle of a snowy field with snow on the ground behind it
Warm pine tree in rays of afternoon sun
a tree covered in snow next to a white fence and red brick building on a snowy day
Tree in frost - can you imagine looking out your window in February and seeing this amazing sight?
a snow covered tree in the middle of a snowy field with rocks and trees around it
Beautiful birch and snow
the branches of a tree with small leaves on it in the snow, against a blue sky
Getting ready for spring is it possible in February?
houses lit up with christmas lights in the snow at night, along with trees and bushes
Night lights in February
a white picket fence covered in snow next to a tree
When you live in Manitboa you learn to enjoy the beauty of ice and cold and here is a Beautifully frosted fence taken in February to show you what I mean
the sky is pink and purple as the sun sets in the distance behind some trees
The Sunset is saying good night to of the beautiful skies you will see in Manitoba in February