oh my gosh

The only time there is a smart blonde and dumb Asian! Sweet Life of Zach and Cody!

Haha... Mulan and Hermione

Couldn't decide if this would go on my Disney or Harry Potter board, so I put it here. Love this!<<<<<<<<<<<<< *or worse expelled* the dementors of expelliation are here everyone!

Merry and Pip, always.

merry and pippin. 'ti a rt idiot. dom means stupid in dutch. merry and pippin DEW! 'ti a rt idiot dom means stupid in dutch

I think this is the better (or longer) version of something I pinned a while ago

Why so Sirius? So Raise your glass if you are Ron. Pink's Raise your glass- Harry Potter style

pancakes pancakes and also IHOP

what we're saying is, the man likes pancakes. "I hear there is an international house of pancakes"


The Mean Girls- Vampire Diaries cross. Alaric Saltzman x Damon Salvatore x Elena Gilbert - Matt Davis x Ian Somerhalder x Nina Dobrev

legally blonde <3

I can watch Legally Blonde over and over. I Elle Woods, and I can relate to her more than any other movie character.