COMMON FEAR by Team GNOO & ZK , via Behance | Fandabbydozie. That's a complement. The wave reminds me of Nightmare Before Christmas... and I love the lighthouse. RP by the cool iPad for showering with your tablet ;)

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DIY Mother’s Day Bath Salts, 3 Ways. Unprocessed, all-natural, Cool moms need a bath with these EVERY sunday

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Here are some DIY Chandeliers (or 'Brancheliers' if you will) that I made for my wedding. I made twenty of them which really lit up the room with a lot of sparkle.... and they were so cheap to make!

Para poner tus joyas, llaves o lo que quieras, solo necesitas, silicona y ramitas.

PEACH HARVEST POTPOURRI - Keep the fragrance of summer going in your house with a pretty, sweet-smelling potpourri! I made this mix over the weekend by drying peach peels and pits, cucumber and squash peels, and zucchini chips–all byproducts of other canning, freezing, and dehydrating projects. (And free!)

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