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love this manifesto, Joseph Barone

"MANIFESTO Do good work Every problem can be solved Stay noble Less is always an option Don't be afraid to say no Be perfectlly clear Never lie" -Joseph Barone

making dough.

j-h-affloressence: “ Licia Brugi’s homemade pasta from Maremma in Tuscany – made for the Danish foodmagazine ‘Copenhagen Food’ by Mikkel Heriba on gitteandersen ”

Words and ideas

"No matter what anybody tells you, words & ideas can change the world." From the many inspiring lines of Professor John Keating, of the 1989 classic, Dead Poets Society.


Favorite Radish Recipes - An affordable and brightly-colored market mainstay, radishes and daikons are lovely raw, roasted, simmered, or used in other unexpected ways.

The ocean is like a sheet of glass without an imperfection in sight. The sky is dark as clouds slowly begin to dot the sky. The ship stands still in the mighty depths of the sea.