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DIY Carpet Binding

Instabind carpet binding let you make your own custom rugs using only scissors and a hot glue gun. Simple!

DIY Carpet Binding

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You may not want to replace the treads in your tired staircases, but you can wake them up with a runner. The install is easy — nothing some double-sided carpet tape can’t handle.

A Runner Shapes Up a Tired Staircase

Instabind is our patented Do It Yourself on-site carpet binding, serging, and rope styles that applies easily without an expensive carpet binding machine. All you need are scissors, clear tape and a hot glue gun to apply.

How To Apply Instabind DIY On-Site Carpet Binding

Speaking of the binding, I used Instabind from Bond Products. They offer affordable DIY binding options plus how-to videos that make the process a breeze and provide a professional looking edge.

How to Turn a Carpet Remnant into a Rug

Lets look at the DIY Carpet binding method.

From a floor mans perspective: Carpet Binding: Do it yourself or hire a carpet binding pro ?

It is hard to see in this picture but I used your glue sticks to seam the carpet and glue the foam in the seats. This car won 1st place in its category at Detroit 2014 and 2nd place in the whole country in Cincinnati 2014. Right now I am putting together custom Porsche racing seats. I ran out of the glue sticks, that was why I called today to order more. --Rebecca Haas Upholstery

I used the Instabind in this car on the carpet and engine cover area. I also used your glue sticks for the seams in the carpet, too. --Rebecca Haas Upholstery

Before and after photos of a home stairway

A Runner Shapes Up a Tired Staircase

We always appreciate the cool new innovative ways folks use Instabind. Thank you Renee! Mr. Milnes – Not sure if you would be interested, but I have found another application for your instaBind product. I recently re-covered two old lamp shades with Burlap and used the InstaBind as a beautiful finish for the upper and lower rims of the shade. I’m attaching some pictures of the finished piece. Worked just as well on the shades as the carpet scraps. Thank you again! Renee D. Arkansas

Alternate uses for Instabind!

Finding Your Niche' - Bond Products Inc

Mini Cooper Restoration using Instabind (EasyBind)

Hi, I wanted to let you know that I used your rug binding product to repair a vintage area rug with great success! Thanks. Here are my pics. Your videos were very helpful, ordering was a breeze and I plan on spreading the word!

The crimson rope binding I just ordered will go in a room decorated in red, white and blue and the carpeting I am binding is a variegated twist of light beige and Williamsburg blue in each strand, so the crimson matches the bead board color in the room. When it is done I will send a picture. I love Instabind and it is much easier to go purchase a carpet remnant and bind it than to buy rugs you really don't like in a store. The selection is so much bigger. Thanks again. A happy customer. Pamela L

Boat & RV Carpet Repair / Replacement

Boat & RV Carpet Repair / Replacement - Bond Products Inc

Bond Products Instabind Finds a Home in Historic Victorian

The Bryant House Restoration - Bond Products Inc

Bond Cotton Binding Tapes

Bond 400 Cotton Binding Tape Archives - Bond Products Inc

Bond Cotton Binding Tapes

Bond 400 Cotton Binding Tape Archives - Bond Products Inc

created on: 02/10/09

DIY: Bind a Carpet Remnant to Make a Custom Shaped Area Rug

curbly cut a rug_003a

Instabind Opion on Curbley.comBond Products Inc

Instabind Outdoor Marine Style Carpet Binding. UV & Mildew Proof!

Instabind - Bond Products Inc

Rope Edge Style Binding

Instabind - Bond Products Inc

instabind cotton serge style carpet binding

Instabind - Bond Products Inc

Instabind serge carpet edge binding

Instabind - Bond Products Inc

Instabind cotton style carpet binding edge

Instabind - Bond Products Inc

instabind regular style rug binding

Instabind - Bond Products Inc