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Best Cartoons

As a child of the 80's I grew up in the zenith of the animated boom! This is a list of my top cartoons ever!

Best Cartoons

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The brainer, but I miss the classic the chalkboard.

Okay, first thing's first. I'm not a huge anime fan. There'll be 3 or 4 max on my list but this show is great and holds up on any continent. Vash is a wanted man and without giving too much away...seeing his transformation in seemless emotional bursts is what makes this cartoon great.

Muppet Babies sounds like some crap I'd hate (like I loath Looney Tune Babies) but this actually works...Probably because Jim Henson was producer up until 1990. The muppets were not much younger than me when I watched them and they kind of resembled my family (I was one of 6 kids). The way Henson shows the imagination of children still resonates with me as an adult. The Star Wars parody episode was definitly the high point of the series.

Home Movies takes it's animation cues from early MTV shows like Beavis & Butthead, Dr. Catz, and Daria...where it veers is it's subject matter and maturity level. Home Movies is told through the eyes of an adolesent amature film maker and his two friends, who act in his (often knock off remakes of famous) movies. The main adult figure is Coach McGuirk (voiced by Archer's Jon Benjamin) who is as misguided as the kids he coaches...I shutter to compare him to actual coaches I know.

I hate to put such a new show on this list but Archer is in it's 3rd season and getting better with each episode. THIS SHOW IS NOT FOR CHILDREN! But is is for anyone who loves satirical parodies. What is James Bond was a spoiled American living in the 2000's? He'd be Sterling Archer. I hated the animation style at first but it has grown on me big time. The photographic backgrounds, simplistic character models, and absurdly over the top graphic language make this a must watch for kids at heart.

Gendy Tartakovski's Magnum Opus has got to be Dexter's Lab! A simple story: A child genius builds a secret lab under his parent's house in order to escape his free spirit sister's constant, and often disasterous, meddling. Cartoon gold insues! 2 shorts with a superhero mini short make for 30 minutes smiles!! Favorite scene: Dexter thinks he is dying after eating a giant burrito...while he's about to confess his lab's existance to his parents...he cuts a huge fart and scurrys away blushing.

The hallmark of any great cartoon is its ability to speak to an audience larger than the kiddy pool. Futurama excells in this by being both intelligent and silly, while making me fall in love with it's characters. #2 for Matt Groening (also creator of the Simpsons). Finally, "I find the most erotic part of a woman is the boobies!"

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An underrated series that was too smart for its own good. Time Squad was a space ship crew that was tasked with fixing mistakes in history so they occured as they "should" in our history books. From Eli Whitney's Flesh Eating Mistake to Keeping Ivan the Terrible as a pet...this show's 26 episodes will always have a place in my heart (and classroom). FYI - Mark Hamill is the voice of the robot...nice!

"It's a living!" A classic line that's funny everytime the anthropomorphic animal says it whether being used as a dish washer, lawn mower, or other "modern" convention. I love the sexist writing of the 60's, the asinine storylines, and the nonsensical addition of The Great Gazoo in the final season!

From their time traveling adventures in the prehistoric age to the addition of Gizmo Duck in later years, Duck Tales never disappointed. Where else can you watch a duck dive into a surprisingly viscous pile of coins without breaking every bone in his body? An 80's classic!

For my #2 pick, I have to add a stipulation: The Simpsons defined my childhood. I was there for the Tracy Ullman premire and the first 7 or 8 seasons, however, the family has its ups and downs. In recent years I can't count on the biting wit of Conan O'Brian or the subtle/smart humor of "The Lemon of Troy."

The original Looney Tunes, before the death of Mel Blanc, is perfection! Smart humor, amazing hand painted animation, and voice acting that has yet to be matched make this my number one pick for best cartoon of all time!