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Links to free quilt blocks of the month and quilt alongs. I quilt on a budget and appreciate the free quilt BOM, BOW and QAL programs offered via the Internet. These pins are my qift to the quilting community--as many programs as I can find with an image or quick link for viewing the actual project. Many blocks are available beyond the year they were posted, but a few are only offered for a short period then must be purchased. On occasion, registration is required.
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2016: Simply Red Quilt BOM/Pine Valley Quilts

Breath of Spring Quilt PDF pattern for Block Four is now available for download

April 2016: Busy Body Medallion Quilt Along

Medallion Quilt Along

April 2016: Little Bunny Quilts: Summer on the Coast Mystery QAL

Summer on the Coast Mystery QAL

2016 Coral Anniversary BOM Quilt: The Quilt Room

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2015 Values Proposition: Faeries and Fibres: Karen H

Quilt Alongs by Karen H

2014: Soupcon Quilt Along from Faeries and Fibres: Karen H

Quilt Alongs by Karen H

2016: Empire Quilt along from Faeries and Fibres: Karen H

Quilt Alongs by Karen H

September2016: Road Home Row Along

Coming In September 2016 – The Road Home Row Along

2015 Peace and Healing Civil War Sampler Quilt

2015 Block of the Week

March 2016 Rose Medallion BOW Quilt - Piecing the Past Quilts

2016 Block of the Week - Week 1!

June 2016: Maggie’s First Dance! from

Sign up for the 2016 Free Block of the Month! - Jacquelynne Steves

March 2016 Serendipity BOM from Sycamore Hill. The Center Medallion is $19 but the other parts of the quilt are free.

Serendipity Center Block

2016 Barn Dance QAL is made up of various sized Hole In The Barn Door blocks from Denise Russart.

Pinned from

March - November 2016: Floral fairies embroidery BOM posted the 3rd Monday of each month. An applique version is posted the 4th Monday. Each is available for 1 week only

Floral Fairies Embroidery BOM Block 1

Starry Night Sampler Quilt Layout

Starry Night Block 1 | 9 Patch - Fairfield World Blog

2016 Desert Bloom Mystery Quilt Along

2016 Mystery QAL Home

April 2016 Fandom In Stitches

Fandom In Stitches

July 2016 Fandom In Stitches: PrincessQAL


2016: Rosemaling in Baltimore, FREE AQS BOM

Rosemaling in Baltimore, FREE AQS BOM 2016 #2 |

2016: Little Wooly Basketes BOM from Linen Closet Quilts

Linen Closet Quilts

#xfilesquilt - I Want To Believe on


2014: Lucky Days BOM from Quiltecke

Freier BoM Lucky Days, Free BOM Lucky Days

2015 - 2016: Learn how to quilt one month at a time with this free quilting series on polkadot chair quilt blog. A free quilt BOM series

New Quilt Block of the Month series on

2015: Be Happy BOM from Erin Russek

One Piece at a Time

Free Bible Study Blocks

Free Bible Study Blocks