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Free Quilt BOM

Links to free quilt blocks of the month and quilt alongs. I quilt on a budget and appreciate the free quilt BOM, BOW and QAL programs offered via the Internet. These pins are my qift to the quilting community--as many programs as I can find with an image or quick link for viewing the actual project. Many blocks are available beyond the year they were posted, but a few are only offered for a short period then must be purchased. On occasion, registration is required.
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Christmas Stitch

Christmas 2016

Christmas Quilt

Quilting Blocks

Quilting Ideas

Quilt Ideas



2 Colours

August 2016: The Magic of Christmas Stitch-Along with Lisa Bongean

The magic of Christmas…Stitch Along Block 1

Wall Hanging Quilts

Wall Hangings

Featuring Paper

Piecing Quilt

Paper Piecing


Free Patterns

Quilting Patterns

Coats Clark

Join us for our Milky Way Wall Hanging Quilt Along featuring paper-piecing. This colorful quilt was designed by Cheryl A. Adam. We asked Cheryl what was her inspiration for the design and why she selected paper piecing to create it. “I love to be in the country, away from all the city lights, and gaze …

Milky Way Paper Piecing Quilt Along - Sewing Secrets - A Blog by Coats & Clark

2016 Olympics

Olympics Quilt

Point Quilter

July 2016




Free Quilt


July 2016: Olympics Quilt BOM from On Point Quilter

Olympics Quilt

Patterns Whims

Quilt Patterns

Lego Harry Potter

Piecing Quilt

Paper Piecing

Chapter 1


Good Quilts


Lego Harry Potter Quilt Along – Whims And Fancies

Lego Harry Potter Quilt Along

Patch Sampler

Sampler Pattern

Pattern Free

Sampler Quilts

Quilt Pattern

Donaldsen S Quilt

Quilts 2

Free Quilt Blocks

Patchwork Blocks

Beth Donaldson: Quiltmaker: Free Quilt Patterns

Quiltmaker: Free Quilt Patterns

Donaldson S Quilting

Donaldson Quiltmaker

Patchwork Patterns

Patchwork Quilts

Quilts Sampler

Scraps Quilts

Donaldson Free

Bethdonaldson Blogspot

Quiltmaker Free

Beth Donaldson: Quiltmaker: Free Quilt Patterns

Quiltmaker: Free Quilt Patterns

2016 Snowflake

Snowflake Shimmer

July September

Shimmer Quilt

Free Quilt


July - September 2016: Snowflake Shimmer Quilt Along by

Snowflake Shimmer Quilt Along

Paper Studio

2016 Fall

Qal Blocks

July 2016






July 2016 Fall Love QAL blocks available free only on the day they are posted. Password is quiltbom. Source: Cloth and Paper Studio.

Fall Love QAL

Diary of a Quilter - a quilt blogfrom Diary of a Quilter - a quilt blog

The Virtual Quilting Bee

Bee Diary

Diary Of

Bom Idea'S

16 Free

Supplies Choosing

Patchwork Xi

Choosing Fabrics

That'S Sew

Virtual Quilting

Free quilt along with 16 free quilt block tutorials as well as information on quilting supplies, choosing fabrics, how to quilt and finish a quilt.

The Virtual Quilting Bee - Diary of a Quilter - a quilt blog

Princess Mystery

2016 Disney

Mystery Quilt

Sew Sew Sew

Free Quilt

July 2016


Disney Princess


July 2016: Disney Princess Mystery Quilt Along from Fandom

Once Upon a Time - Mystery Quilt Along - Week 1

Quilt Block of the Monthfrom Quilt Block of the Month

Fairfield Baby, 2015

2015 Fairfield

Free Quilt Bom

Patchwork Xi

Three Blocks

Month Bom

Fabric Requirements

Baby Quilts

2015 Fairfield Baby Quilt

Fairfield Baby, 2015

The Craftsy Blogfrom The Craftsy Blog

Announcing Craftsy's FREE 2016 Summer Block of the Month

Embroidery Kal

Embroidery Designs

Quilting Designs

Amish Medallion

Medallion Block

Craftsy'S Free

Free 2016

Month Kit

Month Bom

Craftsy's 2016 Block of the Month Quilt

Announcing Craftsy's FREE 2016 Summer Block of the Month

Patterns Bomquilts

Month Patterns

Patchwork Patterns

Patchwork Bloky

Good Quilts

Children'S Quilts

Quilt Návrhy

Quilting Favourites

Quilt Favorites

Singing the Blues - Free Block of the Month Quilt Patterns –

Free Block of the Month Quilt Patterns

Month Original

Original Project

90 Finished

Finished Quilt

Blocks 70

Quilt Blocks

Quilting Bom

Quilting Corner

Quilters Beginners

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not 2014 Block of the Month Quilt, Original Project designed by TK Harrison from

Free Block of the Quilt Month Pattern: He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

Quilting Bom

Quilts Good

Quilts Samplers

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Guild Bom

Quilt Guild

Days Till Christmas

Fabric Projects

2007: 25 Days Until Christmas BOM Project from

Free Quilt Pattern: 25 Days Until Christmas

Pattern Botanical

Bom Idea'S

Patchwork Ix

Month Bom

Month Quilts

Free Block


Block Of The Month

Free Quilt

Free Block of the Month Quilt Pattern: Botanical Love –

Free Block of the Month Quilt Pattern: Botanical Love

Quilters Ireland

Ireland Quilt

Rose Qal

Rose Quilt

Qal Week

Week 5

Ireland Rainbow

2016 Modern

Rainbow Rose

June 2016: Modern Quilters Ireland: Quilt-A-Long


Christmas Swap

Modern Christmas Quilt

Xmas Projects

Sewing Projects

Quilts Pixie

Thread Pixie

Quilting Tutes

Quilts Quilting

Thread Bloglovin

2016: Pixie Summer Quilt Along from The Intrepid Thread

The Intrepid Thread

June September

June 21St

Alongs Sew

Alongs Boms

Solstice Qal

Summer Solstice

Long Summer

Summer 2016

Quilting Summer

June - September 2016: Solstice Quilt-A-Long from

Summer Solstice Quilt-A-Long!!!

Free Quilt Bom

Good Quilts

Mystery Bom

Mystery Block

2016 American

Blog Clothworks

Blog 1

Quilt Boms

Quilty Finds

May 2016: American Made Mystery BOM Quilt | The Works

Posts about American Made Mystery BOM Quilt on The Works

Bonnet Cozy

Bonnet Sew

Bee In My Bonnet

Lori Holt Christmas Quilt

Christmas Fabric

Christmas Quilting

2016 Christmas

Christmas Goodies

Quilting Tops

August 2016: Cozy Christmas Quilt from Lori Holt at Bee In My Bonnet: Sew Simple Shapes are required.

COZY CHRISTMAS Sew Simple Shapes are HERE!!

2016 Snowflake

Snowflake Shimmer


Qal S Bom S

Shimmer Qal

July September

Botm Projects

Embroidery Kal

Qal Quilting

July - September 2016: Snowflake Shimmer Quilt Along from

Snowflake Shimmer Quilt Along

Quilts Quilt

Quilt Kits

Baby Quilts

Quilt Blocks

Fall Quilts

Quilting Inspirations

Quilting Ideas

Quilt Ideas

Month Bom

June - August 2016 Mini BOM from

Mini Block of the Month 2016 | Enabling fabriholics everywhere.


Busy Body Medallion Quilt Along - Center Block -

Quilt Busy

Quilt Can'T

Border Quilt

Free Quilt

Star Quilt

Quilts 2

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Body Medallion

May 2016: Busy Body Medallion quilt along from

Busy Body Medallion Quilt Along - Center Block

2016 Sea

Free Quilt Bom

Breeze Quilts

Sea Breeze

August 2016

Pretty Patchwork



August 2016: Sea Breeze Quilts: This Years BOM

This Years BOM