Divine Pattern (Anthony Douglas Williams)

Anthony Douglas Williams is the Author of "The Devine Pattern". His beliefs are strong that our world needs to be in harmony with nature. An animal advocate to inform humans of the importance of us living without killing animals and to stop animal abuse.
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~ Anthony Douglas Williams

The next time you look into an animal's eyes look deep and long. You will see their inner beauty and feel their inner soul. -Anthony Douglas Williams Inside the Divine Pattern

This is how humans and animals should interact.

Farm Animal Sounds for Children! Real Animal Sounds Video for Kids! Learn real farm animal sounds and names with Old MacDonald! This funny farm animal .

Ffs really? Hunting is just so damn stupid. Poor innocent giraffe :( and those fuckers have the nerve to pose and smile for a picture...sickening

As a child I never imagined that all the real monsters in the world would be humans.

All creatures have the capability of feeling and showing emotions

The human animal is not the only being on earth which possesses the ability to express AND FEEL love and emotion.

Each and every animal has as much right to be here

Each & Every Animal Love Animal Quotes - Apna Talks. - I don't think this means you have to be a vegetarian or a member of PETA, it just means animals deserve kindness and respect as living creatures.

Save the animals

Ivan is such a gentle soul. I am really happy I met him and that he looked out for me after Stella passed.

STOP THIS CRUELTY! take the extra time and thought to find that natural human love in hour heart to save these animals

♔ Animal Rights Be vegan. Take a stand against violent injustice to animals. Learn reverence for life.

Honestly, eating meat isn't the problem, it's the lack of humanity displayed in industrial farming... How is it that we have the technology to start cars with our fingerprints, but we are still using harmful and arbitrary meat harvesting practices?

Reason to be Vegan . animals deprived of everything that could make their lives worth living and who endured the awful suffering and the terror of the abattoirs ~ courtesy Jane Goodall