That Was A What?!: Another Tire Saved from the Landfill. Great conversion of tire to an ottoman!

That Was A What?!: Another Tire Saved from the Landfill

A more ambitious tire garden project. via Wuv'n Acres Gardens

How to Recycle: Old Tires as a Flower Pots

paint and hang an old tire and use it as a planter (looks neat AND you're recycling)

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tire planters...not sure if I would hang this on a wall, but maybe just leaning against a wall and having flowers and vines in them. An idea...

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Old Tires!!

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Blue Velvet Chair: What's That ?!

Cool tire swing.

Frontier Cozy Swing™ -- Made From Recycled Tire

tire planters chriscombs63 tire planters tire planters

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Retreads (14 pics)


Retreads (14 pics)

I would never do this but thought it was cool!

Tire sofa | Recyclart

Ladybug tire swing


So cool, old tires as outdoor stools.

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pastel tires!

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Plastic bottle greenhouse on Blue Rock Station, Ohio...bluerockst... (info below*) This one sits on old tires and is made from 1000 2-liter plastic soft drink bottles.

Plastic Bottle Homes and Greenhouses

Sooo want to make one of these. I have old tires that need to be thrown away and wood, just need to get the hubs to cut them!

malgorzata wesolowska: retyred see saw

Love this brand. May have to be buying these soon. The soles are made out of old tires. They are super comfy.

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Potatoes grown in old tires...need to this a try

The Willows Home & Garden

Turning old tires into new planters... Love it.

Cool Planting Pots Made from Recycled Tires

Love this purse - made out of old tires!!

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Rhino sculpture from old tires, by Yong Ho Ji.

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Belts made from old bicycle tires. Schweet.

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A new meaning of recycling. Recycled Old Tires.

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Who says you need to throw out old tires???

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Bonnie Yochum Harmon

Bikestand made from old tires...simple isn't it ?

Bikestand made of tires