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Buster My New Kitten

Buster My New Kitten

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This is his new duck that he got for Christmas from his Godmother.

He blends right in with the afghan.

Was looking for something the other day and found all these. I'm sure there are a dozen more some where.

Look who I found on top of the refrigerator this morning.

He always has to walk on the floor after I mop it.

He thinks hiding under the bed is going to stop me from cutting his nails. Think again Buster.

This was Buster doing a happy dance when I told him we were celebrating his one year of being with us. As you see, my guy likes to eat.

  • Sisilia Ceuceu
    Sisilia Ceuceu

    cute cat

This is his halloween necklace but he didn't like it so I put it on his head.

He stole the piece of donut off my desk when I went to get coffee and then made believe he was sleeping when I asked him about it. He had crumbs in his fur. He loves buttermilk donuts.

I saw a picture of a cat wearing a crocheted hat that looked like bread and it was called "In Bred Cat". I tried putting a piece of real bread on Buster but he took it off and ate it. Didn't even have butter on it.

Supervising the mopping of the kitchen floor.

Buster and lambie taking a break.

Buster's first birthday. He decided to eat the card.

Buster watching youtube.

He wanted to go to beading with me.

Get the ironing done and put the board away!!!!!!!!

I thought he was the reason my printer wasn't working but it needed new ink cartridges. He helps.

He got a lamb in the mail today from my mom. He hasn't let go of it since I opened the package.

This is Spider Cat. How can you not laugh?

  • Louise Traylor
    Louise Traylor

    He’s too big to be a spider… he’s ‘ Gecko Cat’ with suction cups on the bottom of his feet!!!

I caught him starting to climb up the screen.

  • Mary Carol Cowart
    Mary Carol Cowart

    He thinks he's "spider-cat"!

  • Louise Traylor
    Louise Traylor

    See??? He's Gecko Cat' LOL

When you get a bag, you bite a hole in the side and keep sticking your head out of it. LOL

  • Lori VonderPuetten
    Lori VonderPuetten

    He certainly is quite the character!

  • Bonnie Kreger
    Bonnie Kreger

    Lori, he's the love of my life. Love your horse pictures. I'm from Wisconsin too. Kenosha, miss it sometimes.

  • Lori VonderPuetten
    Lori VonderPuetten

    Sheboygan area, Plymouth actually. I divide my time between my horse and playing with clay. Need to learn how to upload some of my work, hopefully soon.

Here he is hiding from the vacuum cleaner.

Today must have been moutain climbing day. Here he is on top of the door in the closet.

Found him on the top shelf today and had to get a little ladder to get him down.

Found him on the 5th shelf laying on my purse.