Les Createurs de La Mode 1910 - 47 oh to be a woman of those times! i probly would not like the oppression but I love the style


The fashion for this decade can be split, pre-war and war + post-war times Pre-war fashion was luxurious and characterized by opulent trimmings, small waists and large exotic hats. Once the war began, things in the fashion world changed with it.


Lovely ladies wearing evening dresses by Lucile (Robes Du Soir, Lucile). I can't help but feeling the are SO MUCH like the in so many ways!

1910 beauties

Two Women under a Tree. Photographer: Alice M. Boughton (Despite many claims that this is a postmortem photo, I firmly believe that both these women are alive. As far as my extensive research can corroborate, Boughton did not take postmortem.


๑ Nineteen Fourteen ๑ historical happenings, fashion, art style from a century ago - Fashion model in furs, 1914