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I am the Director of SEO for, and we have been optimizing sites for past 14 years. Guess you can say we know SEO. How can #igmktg help you with #SEO and Social Media!
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Pinterest Marketing: How to Succeed on Pinterest

7 of the Best Tools to Aid Your Content Marketing | SEJ

explore the top social networks that offer promoted post options and how they help you reach your audience.

How to Repurpose Your Content Correctly

How to #Twitter #infographic #socialmedia #marketing

A short guide to calculating the #ROI of a campaign Landing Page with #GoogleAnalytics. #dm #infographic

Thanks to public updates, searchable bios and a plethora of third-party tools, you can find customers on Twitter easier than you can on any other network.

You see all those posts floating around Facebook and Twitter – getting all those likes and shares and retweets. You watch all those pins getting repinned. You scratch your head and wonder “what are they doing that I am not??” You analyze competitors that are doing well on social media can’t quite put your finger on what they are doing that is working so darn well.

instagram posts that drive sales

seven ways to track social media marketing

​If you don't know what Google Analytics is, haven't installed it on your website, or have installed it but never look at your data, then this post is for you.

Great Design Resources for Your Content Campaigns | SEJ

Different types of video should be used at different times to help your audience connect with your products and services. A new prospect has much different needs than an established customer.

The Relationship Between Google Rankings And Links

The Evolution of Social Media [Infographic]

The Most Used Hashtag Emoji on Instagram is… (Infographic)

The Most Used Hashtag Emoji on Instagram is… (Infographic)

What Makes WordPress the Best Platform for SEO | SEJ

#Marketing Basics 18 Online and Offline Tactics Every #Business Should Use. There are many different ways to get your brand in front of people, both online and offline, and it’s important you try different things to see what works for you. But where do you start? What costs the least and what works the quickest?

A video thumbnail works similarly to a book cover. It sells your video to potential viewers. An attractive, eye-catching thumbnail makes people more likely to click through to your video.

Check out this complete guide on how to grow your #Instagram account. Have you see those big accounts all around you on Instagram? It's not that hard to be one of them, learn how today!

Infographic: Ad Image Sizes for Five Social Networks

After you upload a great video to your YouTube channel, there are a few steps you can take to make it easier for viewers to find your content.

4 Things Most Leaders Don’t Understand About SEO Search engine optimization (SEO) is not a "quick fix,"