Fox and Crow Are Not Friends

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a painting of a fox and bird in the sky with leaves on it's tail
What I found at Wondercon - Here in the Bonny Glen
Wondercon find: this gorgeous piece by artist David DePasquale. For obvious reasons, it delighted me.
the aeop for children with pictures by mio winter, illustrated by william wyender
The Aesop for Children
The Aesop for Children by Milo Winters -- my family's favorite edition.
an advertisement for aesies's faddles, featuring a fox and a bird
Aesop's fables
Love the cover on this vintage edition! Fox, Crow, and Peacock?
three stuffed animals sitting next to each other
Fox Sewing Pattern PDF Stuffed Toy Softie Instant Download
Fox Sewing Pattern PDF Stuffed Toy Softie.
an orange scarf with a black and white fox on it
Digital PDF Crochet Pattern for Fox Scarf - DIY Fashion Tutorial - Instant Download - ENGLISH only
PDF Crochet Pattern for Fox Scarf - DIY Fashion Tutorial.
a black and white drawing of a bird
Crow Totem by Eleanor Knight.
a black bird statue sitting on top of a wooden post
Crow looks hungry.
a drawing of a fox sitting on the ground
mydetour: Red Fox by Jessica Gardner
a wooden brooch with an image of a fox on it's side, sitting on some wool
This item is unavailable - Etsy
Wooden Fox Brooch par laylaamber sur Etsy, £8,00
a small stuffed animal with a blue dress on it's chest and nose is standing in front of a white wall
Mini fox set
I will give my children no rest until they make one of these for me.
an illustration of a fox in the woods
Funny Bunny
from Funny Bunny, A Big Golden Book, 1950. By Rachel Learnard. Pictures by Alice and Martin Provensen. Eric Sturdevant, via Flickr
an orange stuffed animal with big eyes and a brown dress on it's legs
Love the whimsy in this one
an orange and white circular sign with a fox on it's face next to a pine cone
This item is unavailable - Etsy
I kind of might need this