Psychology Facts: OMG, I thought it was wierd and ironic that I hate loud music but plug up my ears with loud music when I need to concentrate and get stuff done<<<me too!! Suck those people who thought I was nuts

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Couldn't agree with this more! Small circle of close, trustworthy, loyal, caring friends and no drama! You shouldn't have to stress about a friendship or feel like ur walking on egg shells! New Years resolution baby!

Omg, can we talk? I love food! It makes me so happy and tingles all senses. Oh and the variety, like I could do Indian and Mexican in a day and then cheeseburgers and Italian the next. I will miss 2 things in this life when I am gone, music and food

My words, my life.... i am a mother, sister, etc i also survided a lot sh.t and have submissive feelings but i am not a little girl, i am not a whore, i am a woman...

Psyhological fact, I listen to it all except Jazz, sorry I just can't get into it, but the Blues, Classical, Country, Metal, Classic Rock, top Grunge, Industrial, House, Techno, Dubstep, Alternative, Punk, R&B, hip Hop bring it on

This is me. Doesn't matter how much money comes my way, i will never go out and buy expensive jewelry, designer bags or clothes lol. I cringe at the thought. I prefer blessing people around me and spending time outdoors than spending time in the mall.


This made me laugh. She's strong yet she's exhausted. After working so many hour days. Can be physically exhausted yet mentally strong thanks to the Lord helping me persevere.