The Night Vale reference is just chillin

The Night Vale reference is just chillin// I don't really know what Night Vale is but this is just whoa

That's a pretty awesome headcanon.

it's just friendly desert town where the sun is hot, the moon is beautiful, and mysterious lights pass overhead while everyone pretends to sleep<<< this would be more desert bluffs though

Night Vale Fandom<< No you don't understand, we're not small we're just really quiet. If we ever wanted to be loud all of hell would break loose on Tumblr.

Night Vale Fandom<<There IS no Night Vale fandom. The Night Vale fandom does not exist. The sheriffs secret police will arrive shortly.

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My favorite Cecil and Carlos cosplay team of all time. Nothing will ever top this for me. (tealpirate @ deviantART) Welcome to Night Vale!<<<< the fucking best

Welcome to Night Vale. And now the weather - I always remember Waiting for the Bus. But then Jerusalem, it makes me laugh so much every time<<these 2 are my favorite weather

Look around you: IKEA. Look inside you: IKEA. Go to sleep: IKEA. IKEA:It is everything. And then the Night Vale fandom just hijacked the post.

Heard it in Cecil's voice hahaha. Love Welcome to Night Vale

Heard it in Cecil& voice hahaha. Love Welcome to Night Vale

Very true.

I've lost count of how many times I've had to rewind because I zoned out on what he was saying and then I'm more lost than the usual amount of lost I feel when listening to night vale

From "Welcome to Night Vale" Podcast (Twin Peaks-, Twilight Zone-, X files fans, look no further!)

Listeners, we are currently fielding numerous reports that books have stopped working. It seems that all over Night Vale, books have simply stopped working.


Welcome to Night Vale: The Man in the Tan Jacket Ladies and gentlemen, surely you have noticed. There’s a man in a tan jacket and a deerskin suitcase.