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BooJee products are the ultimate in workplace chic! We transform dull shoelace style lanyards & boring badge reels into striking, affordable fashion.

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Tasha Gold Eyeglass Leash

Professional women all over the world who frequently wear glasses love our Tasha Eyeglasses Leash because it is both beautiful and highly functional. Simply slip the arms of your specs into the looped ends of the gold metal holder to keep them safe and accessible when they're not in use.

Soft Steel Eyeglass Leash

Did you know that you can spruce up your style and increase efficiency by wearing our Soft Steel Eyeglasses Leash? It's true. This modernistic accessory features a variety beads in dark metallic tones and it has the ability to securely hold your favorite pair of eyeglasses around your neck while they are not in use.

Satellite Eyeglass Leash

Heavenly bodies keep the star of the show – your specs – at the ready in this glimmery eyeglass leash. Bold, glowing beads threaded on tiny, bright stars show your sense of adventure. Pretty and powerful – especially when you know where your glasses are.

Poppy Eyeglass Leash

Our silver metal Poppy Eyeglasses Leash invokes spring time memories due to the darling little butterfly charms that are attached to it. All you have to do is slip the arms of your glasses into the plastic looped ends of the leash to have them accessible throughout the day.

Jillian Eyeglass Necklace

Round, and round, and round she goes – from chasing the kids to chasing the next big client – always keeping those specs front and center. A delicate mix of sizes and metals, these circles come together in an eyewear necklace that works with any outfit – glasses optional!

Isobel Eyeglass Necklace

Is it a necklace or is it an eyeglasses holder? Well, it's both! Our Isabel necklace has been designed specifically for women who frequently wear eyeglasses or sunglasses. The chunky silver link chain and large clear rhinestone-encrusted loop pendant join together seamlessly to create a necklace that doubles as a holder for your specs.

Hematite Eyeglass Necklace

Our Hematite Necklace has been designed to provide modern day professionals an easy and stylish way to store their eyeglasses when not in use. The entire piece is strung with tiny hematite beads along with clear round beads and long oval gold bead embellishments. A hammered metal loop which holds your glasses completes the design.

Dali Eyeglass Necklace

Simple and serene silver makes Dali the easy choice for busy days. Classically stylish, this eyeware necklace complements any outfit, and keeps your specs front and center – so you can stay centered. Easy links, a silvery palette … breathe deeply and forge ahead.

Confetti Eyeglass Leash

Have you heard the news? Now you can keep track of those frequently misplaced eyeglasses without compromising your sense of fashionable style. This is because our colorful Confetti Eyeglasses Leash is designed to be a dashingly dapper accessory as well as a secure holder for your eyeglasses.

Celestial Eyeglass Leash

Bright and bubbly, like so many stars in the night sky, these beads help keep you seeing clearly – and oh-so-pretty. From hot pink peepers to classic tortoise-shell frames, this eyeglass leash illuminates them all, and keeps you seeing beautifully.