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USA Today Bestselling Author, Mona Risk, recently received an Outstanding Achiever Award from Affaire de Coeur Magazine. She's a two time winner of Best…
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Her Greek Tycoon
Her Greek Tycoon: A sexy and humorous Romeo and Juliette Greek style, set in Mykonos Island.
a man holding a baby next to a book cover with the title, single with my princess
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JINGLE WITH MY PRINCESS (Modern Princes Series, Book 3) is part of LOVE, CHRISTMAS 2, Movies you love, box. With 26 authors.
a book cover for a body guard for the princess
A Bodyguard For The Princess (Modern Prince Series Book 2)
A Bodyguard For The Princess (Modern Princes Series Book ... A princess incognito at Harvard. A roommate killed in a residence of 18 students. Who is the murderer? Who will be the next victim?
a bride for prince paul by mona risk book review and give - up on the new york times and usa today best selling author
A Bride For Prince Paul (Modern Prince Series Book 1)
A Bride For Prince Paul (Modern Princes Series Book 1) by... To please his dying grandfather, Prince Paul of Rensy Island agrees to meet an American doctor, descendant of a Rensian princess, incognito as her driver, during her vacation in Paris. Attraction sizzles between them...until the Palace announces their engagement. Can he convince a furious Amy that he loves her and persuade her to put aside her medical dream?
a man kissing a woman on the cheek while standing next to him in front of an ocean
Husband For A Week
Sicilian vendetta, fake husband, and an irascible matchmaking grandmother complicate Jonathan and Isabella’s lives. Can love conquer all?
a man and woman kissing each other in front of the ocean with cityscape
Neighbors and More
NEIGHBORS AND MORE (High Rise Series Book 1): Too close for comfort for the condo owners of a Florida High Rise when a neighbor drowns in a hot spa.
the cover for holly jolly christmas
Holly Jolly Christmas (Holiday Babies Series)
HOLLY JOLLY CHRISTMAS: Prequel to the Holiday Babies Series. A bittersweet story when Dad was still around.
the cover of for sarah's sake by mona risk, with an image of two people and a car
For Sarah's Sake (The Senator's Family Series Book 3)
For Sarah's Sake (The Senator's Family Series Book 3) by ... A broken marriage. Second chance at love. And a precious little girl trying to escape danger and hatred, to get herself a loving family.
two loves for christmas new york times best selling author, mona risk book cover
Fake Fiancée (The Senator's Family Series Book 2)
TWO LOVES FOR CHRISTMAS (The Senator's Family Series Book 2) Her German shepherd is her only friend until a senator’s son refuses to take advantage of their fake engagement and teams up with her dog to protect her.
the cover for her christmas cruise by mona rik, usa today best selling author
Honeymoon Cruise (The Senator's Family Series Book 1)
HER CHRISTMAS CRUISE (The Senator's Family Series Book 1) The perfect fiancé is a cheater and the fabulous Christmas wedding is off. But the would-be honeymoon cruise may fulfill the dreams of Julia and her unexpected companion.
the christmas eve by mona risk, m j times & l sj toddler kissing author
On Christmas Eve (Holiday Babies Series Book 6)
ON CHRISTMAS EVE (Holiday Babies Series Book 6) We want a mommy for Christmas.
a man kissing a woman on the cheek in front of a christmas tree and beach
Christmas Papa (Holiday Babies Series Book 5)
CHRISTMAS PAPA (Holiday Babies Series Book 4) Who's my daddy, Mommy?
wedding surprise by mona rik
Wedding Surprise (Holiday Babies Series Book 4)
WEDDING SURPRISE (Holiday Babies Series Book 4). Is it the worst or best wedding surprise?
mother's day bakes by mona risk and winning author, holiday babies series
Mother's Day Babies (Holiday Babies Series Book 3)
MOTHER'S DAY BABIES (Holiday Babies Series Book 3) The widow from Kentucky proves more difficult to date than any beauty the powerful TV Director has ever dated. From the heart of Kentucky to Paris and New York.
the cover of valentine babies by mona risk, with an airplane in the background
Valentine Babies (Holiday Babies Series Book 2)
VALENTINE BABIES (Holiday Babies Series Book 2) She's more complicated than any medical case he handled. How can he love a woman expecting another man's baby? From Kentucky to Florida and Irak.