Perfection or time travelers <--both

Perfection or time travelers?

So did they get picked up by the Doctor, or are they actual Time Lords? (I mean, the Doctor's met Shakespeare, so.


Men wearing black tees with jeans is the most subtle yet sexiest thing to me. especially if paired with combat boots and a motorcycle haha ;

The Hunger Games Explorer

Hahahaha I LOVE the Hunger Games, but this just makes it even better!

VMAS 2013

Calling all Liam girls The pin above will take you through to RespectPoint where you can write a short message of respect to Liam we all can share. It's fun and free and a virtuous circle of respect

one direction VMAs 2013

Presenting Selena Gomez her award, love this picture at the VMAs 2013

VMAS 2013

For some reason, Niall looks so young in this pic! So adorable and fresh. And I love love love his brown roots.

The Hunger Games Explorer

Wearing a plaid shirt and Ray-Ban sunglasses, Hunger Games hunk Josh Hutcherson poses with a motorbike for a photo shoot in Los Angeles, CA.