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Breeze #4, Lorraine Roy; fabric collage, applique, and free-motion machine embroidery.


Large Tree Works - Mystic Apple #1 - Lorraine Roy: Textile Art

i need more than a sewing machine to do this @_@ : stitched chicks by Kirsty Elson

sixty one A: Chickens

wool bowl Gold Edge bowl - blue Machine embroidery on soluble fabric. 10cm diameter.

Anne Honeyman - Vessels

Jo Hyam - Textiles: 3D Jo Hyam - made by sandwiching silk fibres, tiny pieces of fabric and textured threads between layers of soluble film & machine stitched. I may add hand stitching, beads, or glitter. - damp cloth is placed over a mould, eg a vase, a medium (such as varnish) added, and left to dry; the more shaped, ruched or folded pieces will be dried with a hair drier to set the piece before being left for up to a week to dry completely.

Jo Hyam - Textiles: 3D

Kathleen's Organza Extrav-Organza: Organza scrap flower vessels

Jo Hyam - Textiles: 3D