Comets, Stars, the Moon, and Mars poetry collection on solar system/space

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Great activity for becoming familiar with the constellations

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Solar System Trading Cards

The Fantastic Five: Planet Trading Cards

Oreo Moon Phases

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Space Neighbor series

Books 4 Learning

Myth and the Phases of the Moon

Books 4 Learning: solar system

Great book from Sylvan Dell

Books 4 Learning: solar system

Solar System Unit

Solar System Science Unit K-3

fun math center.

Mrs. Gilchrist's Class: Math

Make yourself into a constellation... oh this made me gasp I love this idea!

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Moon Observation Calendar

Learning Ideas - Grades K-8: Moon Observation Calendar

Printable pack.

1+1+1=1...Solar System Preschool Pack

Great idea for teaching Earth & Space Science

365 DAYS OF PINTEREST CREATIONS: day eighty four: me on the map

moon journal

The First Grade Parade

Worksheet for moon observation.

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Moon Phases mini-book from Scholastic

Minibook: Moon Phases

moon stages

Montessori in Bloom

solar system projects - Google Search

Fourth graders build solar system models

The Planets Song - printout available at website; to the tune of "She'll Be Coming Round the Mountain"

Space Theme in Preschool Co-op - Spell Out Loud

planet book - free download; illustrate yourself

First Grade Fanatics: space

Solar System

MarzanosBest - 6th Strategy - Nonlinguistic Representation

Solar System

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solar system

Our Solar System

phases of the moon rap

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Rotation and Revolution

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