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the cover for montana sanctuary by josie jade and jane crouch
MONTANA SANCTUARY by Josie Jade & Janie Crouch
Sometimes the worst wounds can’t be seen. Lucas Everett knows that firsthand. It's why he and his former Navy SEAL brothers created the Resting Warrior Ranch. They aren’t doctors, but they can offer the healing freedom of their Montana range. And they specialize in training service and emotional support animals to help sooth even the worst emotional scars. Usually, soldiers show up at their door. But this time it's Evelyn Taylor—a soldier in a very different kind of war...
the cover of operation k - 9 brothers by sandra owens, featuring a german shepherd
Navy SEAL Jack Daniels (save the jokes, he's heard them all) and his trusty Belgian Malinois sidekick, Dakota, are back home in Asheville, North Carolina, after a bomb left them scarred. Unable to accept that he'll never be able to return to his team, Jack is looking for a miracle. What he isn't looking for is a permanent relationship, though he's open to a no-strings distraction at the magic hands of gorgeous local potter Nichole Masters...
the cover for code name aries by jane crouche, with an image of a man
CODE NAME: VIRGO by Janie Crouch
My code name is Virgo. The stars say I’m practical, honest, stubborn as hell. Guilty as charged. Zodiac Tactical is the company that gave me a second chance. We guard, protect, rescue...eliminate the threat when nobody else can. And as a former SEAL, I’m good at those things. Good with weapons, good with missions. But with people...not so good. So when a gruesome enemy takes Bronwyn Rourke, one of Zodiac’s newest young recruits—with blue eyes that take up nearly her whole face...
the cover for code name aris by jamie crouch, featuring an image of a man in black shirt
CODE NAME: ARIES by Janie Crouch
My code name is Aries.The stars say I’m aggressive, dominant, first in line to lead. The stars aren’t wrong. Zodiac Tactical is my company. It’s run by those I’ve chosen for their skills and ability to outmaneuver adversaries. We guard, protect, rescue…assist on the side of the angels. We eliminate the threat when nobody else can. My pastime of putting bad guys out of business has created powerful enemies, but I’ve always made sure there was nothing in my life I couldn’t live without. Until now.
the cover to blaze by jane crouch, featuring an image of a man and woman
Blaze by Janie Crouch
Ivy League graduate and computer genius Kendrick Foster, aka Blaze, never expected to find himself putting down permanent roots in a tiny town in Wyoming. But family isn’t always blood, and the Linear Tactical team is very definitely his family. He’s not going anywhere. Neo LeBarre has always been a loner. Her computer hacking days brought her into contact with Linear Tactical, but she’s never felt like she could fit in here. These people are good, decent, honest. She’s not. When her past...
the cover of before summer ends by susan mallery, with an image of two people holding hands
A long, hot summer with her secret crush… What could possibly go wrong? Nissa Lang knows Desmond Stilling is out of her league. He’s a CEO, she’s a teacher. He’s gorgeous, she’s…not. So when her house-sitting gig falls through and Desmond offers her a place to stay for the summer, she vows not to reveal how she’s felt about him since their first—and only—kiss. Desmond should’ve known better than to bring temptation into his house. He decided long ago that his best friend’s sister...
the cover of wild nights in texas by delores fossen, featuring a cowboy leaning on a fence
WILD NIGHTS IN TEXAS by Delores Fossen
She can make Lone Star Ridge’s sheriff break every rule… Former child star “Badly” Hadley Dalton can’t shake the nickname she got on Little Cowgirls, the reality show that made her famous. Another thing she can’t shake: her attraction to hometown heartthrob Leyton Jameson. After their teen make-out session was televised, Leyton ended their relationship, and Hadley left town. But when she learns her beloved Granny Em has gone missing, Hadley returns home and immediately lands in hot water…
the cover for scout by jane crouch
SCOUT by Janie Crouch
Linear Tactical’s Wyatt Highfield is running for his life with intel that will break up a human trafficking ring. The last thing he wants is to bring danger to Nadine Macfarlane’s door. The gentle beauty has been through enough, and has the scars—physical and emotional—to prove it. But she’s his only option. Trying to heal from wounds caused by trusting the wrong person, Nadine has spent the past two years hiding from nearly everyone. The only exception has been her online relationship...
the last christmas cowboy by maisey yates
This Christmas, cowgirl Rose Daniels is determined to play matchmaker to ensure her beloved sister will meet someone under the mistletoe. She enlists the reluctant help of family friend Logan Heath, but his insistence that she doesn’t understand chemistry is exasperating. Until they share one electrifying moment that shows her exactly what chemistry is all about, and it becomes outrageously, irresistibly intriguing… Logan hates the holidays. They are a painful reminder of the family he lost and
the vineyard at painted moon by susan mallery
Step into the vineyard with Susan Mallery’s most irresistible novel yet, as one woman searches for the perfect blend of love, family and wine.
someone to trust by patricaia davidis
SOMEONE TO TRUST by Patricia Davids
Esther Burkholder has no interest in her stepmother’s matchmaking when her family visits an Amish community in Maine. Deaf from a young age, she’s positive a hearing man couldn’t understand the joys and trials of living in a silent world. But Gabe Fischer is certainly handsome, hardworking and brave. More importantly, he sees the real Esther. Might this Amish bachelor be her unexpected perfect match?
agent under the sige dvd cover with an image of a woman standing next to a man
The Kentucky Ripper is in prison…or is he? When no one will help Teagan Ray find the man who really abducted her, former profiler Bryson Anton agrees to investigate. But soon their search takes two jolting turns—brutal attacks from a cunning suspect…and a powerful mutual attraction.
no holding back by lori fosterer
NO HOLDING BACK by Lori Foster
Not needing him won’t stop her from wanting him… Trucker Sterling (Star) Parson is no stranger to the challenges a woman faces, both in her industry and in life. But she can take care of herself. She’s never needed—or wanted—a man around...until she meets Cade McKenzie. The take-charge bar owner sets off all kinds of alarm bells for Sterling, but he also sets her heart racing. Cade’s lived in Ridge Trail long enough to know trouble when he sees it, and the moment Sterling—Star—walks in...
the cover of deadly reflections by reagan black, with an open door in front of it
One family's long-buried secrets could be the key to solving a shocking murder... With the holiday season in full swing, Paige Coker is planning a surprise party for her father's retirement when she finds troubling documents that indicate she might not be his daughter at all. Her search for answers is derailed when the event caterer is killed and she becomes the prime suspect. Her alibi is weak, and the police have surveillance footage of a woman at the scene - a woman who looks exactly like...
the cover for redwood by jane crouch, with an image of a man and woman hugging
REDWOOD by Janie Crouch
This former Special Forces soldier will protect Oak Creek from any threat. Even one that comes in the form of a delicate blonde with haunted eyes. A tiny town in Wyoming and the fake ID in her pocket are Lexi Johnson's last chance. She's used her all her resources to escape the danger that hounds her. A danger the whole world would agree she brought on herself. She just wants a chance to start over, to rest for a moment, but the town's upstanding and oh so sexy sheriff is determined to get to..