I can't see Mai doing that... buttttttttttttttttttttt.... I could see KATARA doing that ;) *cough* ZUTARA IS LIFE *cough*... ooh, excuse me! I have a bit of a cold...

I can't see Mai doing that. I could see KATARA doing that ;) *cough* ZUTARA IS LIFE *cough*. ooh, excuse me! Avatar: The Last Airbender ATLA Zuko and his Honour

I love this so much to be honest. It shows that even our own fears and limitations don't really stop us from perusing our dreams.

Shoutout to all the clumsy dancers and the vets that are allergic to the animals they take care of<<introverted theater kid here.

This is a cool chart. All the possible elements of the Avatar universe.

For all you bender enthusiasts (from Avatar) Who wouldn't want to be an avatar? I mean, look at all the stuff you could do! But I would probably want to be a water bender to be honest.

Atla, avatar: the last airbender, azula

I think we know what the real badass boss speech was "Don't flatter yourself." Azula (It's both a bad ass boss speech and a peek into the tragic expectations that have been forced on Azula even by herself)


Antarctica is the South Pole.Welcome to the SOUTHERN Water Tribe < Please, Southern Water Tribe doesn't have that level of style. that elegance is definitely the work of the Northern Water Tribe.


The fire nation hat/crown thing could be because they're fire lords? Like maybe they used to just make the avatar fire lord until like at one point before Roku was born? Like maybe Roku was the first avatar from the fire nation to not also be Fire Lord?


Leaves From The Vine. If anyone imagined Iroh singing that and didn't cry I have three words for you: you are heartless <--- and now I'm tearbending!

such a great show

reason why I love Avatar the Last Airbender

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