Heavy, clunky kitchen tools, like cutting boards and colanders, fit awkwardly into cabinets — so why not hang 'em on the outside instead? This way they'll be easy to grab and put away. See more at Far Above Rubies »

10 Ways to Use Wasted Space on the Side of Your Cabinets


The best way to hang heavy stuff, like those big clocks and mirrors you kids are puttin' up these days ;) #tips (Photo: Jim Gorman)

25 DIY Fundamentals


silk flower ombre wall art -- glue flowers to canvas (e6000), spray PRIME flowers, then layer on ombre colors. Looks like a fun project.

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I Love You From Here To KUWAIT art print


Love You to the Moon and Back Wall Art Cute idea for a canvas

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Feeling unsure about how to handle cell phones, tablets, video games, or computer use in your family? This FREE PRINTABLE for the Family Rules of Technology could be a help! You MUST talk to your kids about using all the technology available properly! Taking Control of Technology Before Technology Takes Over Your Family

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Soldier Melted Crayon Painting by lemonblossom30 on Etsy, $25.00

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Simple long distance gift for the boyfriend :) did this for our six month, he loved it! Got a little cut off by the frame but oh well

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Actually surprised that haven't done this at Tejeda yet. Probably afraid someone would steal the Legos or something.

The Wolf by Craig White | 500px


I used my silhouette to cut out the words, and similar silhouettes to paint a cute sign for us!

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Softball Flower instead of baseball for Haley's room

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A site that helps you combine your words and a picture. I can see this maybe with your favorite scriptures, favorite quotes, or maybe your favorite song. How about a wedding photo with the first dance song?.. Wow, all kinds of ideas rolling around in my head for this.

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Spraypaint fake flowers, glue to canvas. Really chic and feminine.



Old license plates and hub cap flower

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Garden flowers made with license plates

3 Plates and Some States!


free nursery print

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Paint Splatter Canvas Art...Easy DIY art

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My DIY Projects: Make a Nature Wall Art on Canvas

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This sign is going to college with my boys one day...hanging it in their dorm rooms myself!

Call Your Mother Sign