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Earthy & Eclectic DIYs

Add dorm room flair with a fun, geo mobile. Step 1: Secure one end of twine with a clip and tie the other end around a pipe cleaner to form a “needle”. Step 2: Cut straws in half; thread 3 on the twine, forming a triangle. Loop to secure. Step 3: Thread on 2 more straws, form a triangle, loop it off. Repeat until you’re out of straws, leaving the last straw detached. Step 4: Remove clip and tie the 2 ends together. Trim the excess twine and thread back through the first straw and tie…

DIY Mint Sugar Scrub

This Homemade Mint Sugar Scrub is easy to make and a great DIY gift idea! Smells fantastic and leaves your skin super soft!

How to Make Roses Out of Jolly Ranchers Candy

Make these beautiful candy roses out of Jolly Ranchers! Super easy to make, they are perfect for Valentine's Day (and the kids will love this anytime of year!). DIY instructions here: