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Bacon, hot dogs, and beef.  What's not to love?

Another use for Bacon Weave: Red-neck Turtle Burgers. Handmade ground beef patties, topped with sharp cheddar cheese, wrapped in a bacon weave, with hotdogs for the head and legs Cover loosely with foil and bake 25 min. at 400 degrees.

Slice top off cupcake, and use cookie cutter to stamp out favorite shape.  Place spoonful of jelly on each cupcake, then sprinkle tops with powdered sugar.  Reassemble cupcakes.    I think even I could make this.

Linzer style cupcakes - cut the top off, use a cookie cutter to cut out a shape, place preserves or colored frosting in the center, replace top!

Key lime pie balls sound perfect

Key lime pie balls sound perfect for an Easter dessert this year. *These aren't key lime unless you purchase key limes for it. I used an extra lemon and lime in the cream cheese to get some extra zing out of the taste, it was soooooo good*

Hey Girl, I'll help out around the house. (Filed under things you'll never hear at home)

Here are the best of the best when it comes to Ryan Gosling "Hey Girl" memes. Sit back, relax, grab a glass a wine and let's fantasize about this abs, shall we?

A retreat for all seasons...

all-weather porch we could do like this with the addition roof attached from kitchen and family room addition to this new screened porch the Sunset website

This circular window is so cool!

Treat the Fireplace as Sculpture spectacular fireplace and sunken outdoor living room were designed for the Chelsea Flower Show in England. The massive chimney wall, covered with panels of slate stone, defines the space.