(WIP) Jordan

A regular human guy, at least until his step-sister Susan discovers the hard way that she controls electricity. Despite her injuring him, he helps her escape back to Ayla, where he meets and falls in love with Kim, whom he eventually marries back on Earth. He rescues an Aylan baby at some point while in Ayla and forms an attachment to it, but I'm not sure how that turns out.
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Welcome! Here you will find the latest about the very talented English actor Nicholas Hoult. He's best known for his portrayal as Tony Stonem in Skins, as young Hank McCoy/Beast in X-Men films and as Nux in the critically acclaimed Mad Max: Fury Road.


She stopped. He was sitting in the grass, playing chess. "Miles?" He looked up, his nose was bent slightly to the right, broken. "Miles I..." He smiled. "I don't need your apology, it was my fault."

ahhh I have no doubt in my mind that Ryan will be the best daddy to our future minis!! Always being playful && putting his family first.

Everyone wanted Hunter. He was prettier than even some of the ladies of the court. People saw this as a weakness, Hunter saw it as a strength.

I watched from a short distance as Isacc said goodbye to Jack for the last and final time. We both knew we would never see our 4 month old son again, he would never even remember us. He would be raised by a stranger. But we had to protect him from us.