I would die

The muffin man.Yes I know the muffin man, who lives on Dury Lane? Well she's married to the muffin man! The Muffin Man? THE MUFFIN MAN!


So only during the months of May, June, July, and August that person will shave.thats SUMMER. I don't shave only in the summer time I do it every month but this picture is still hahaha !

This is hilarious

Ben & Jerry's Pint Combination Lock

An Ice Cream Pint Combination Lock. I need this for someone to lock up the ice cream on me so it's safe.

Want to go to Pythons, honey?  I just like their wings...

A male version of Hooters…

Funny pictures about A male version of Hooters. Oh, and cool pics about A male version of Hooters. Also, A male version of Hooters.

I died

I love him anyway…

just wondering why a pet owner, would stand with the camera & undermine the 'fetch', instead of opening the door wider, or just break the stick in two, so the dog could interact. ℒℴℒ Who's really the mentally challenged one here?


Hahaha would love this. I would marry this man, if I wasn't already married. To a man who may potentially do the same thing.<<<Yup he's the one

T o+a l ly Halo

Boxer and baby, dog and toddler have cake icing frosting all over mouths faces, I love these kinds of pictures lol


Funny Friendship Ecard: Is your drama going to have an intermission soon? I need to pee.