Pinterest recognizes these self-reliant trends in their Top 100 Trends for 2016. While it’s true your grandma already knew about some of these self-reliant trends, we’ve gotten far ahead of grandma now. With the wealth of shared knowledge and social media sparkle these trends evolved into a movement. And it's a self-reliant, back-to-basics movement we can get excited about.

Joybilee Farm

The 5 Top Self-Reliant Trends for 2016 (that Grandma found first) | Joybilee Farm

Need this for our pasture gate.

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Trash Can Root Cellar

Trash Can Root Cellar

Australian Cattle Dog - Christmas Greeting

Shop for Cards - Australian Cattle Dog

Google Image Result for

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World's Smartest Dog, my ANSC prof showed this to us, she knows the owner, and apparently it wasn't well-behaved and the wife said if he couldn't control it, he would have to get rid of it. He went above and beyond! Lol

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Country Living ~ Herding dogs and cattle: "You go this far and no further, heifers! Understand?"

Country Woman At Heart

I LOVE this & so TRUE ~•♡•~

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Debbie Adcock

Balls do you have them ...

Field Herp Forum • View topic - Good Dog!

makeshift root cellar.

Creating a Cold Storage Option

Farm Fresh Eggs ~ Painting

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rooster barn how cool is that!!! I'll pin it to win it! Crazy chicken lady behind the scene here!

Daily Encouragement Net (Archive/Mobile/Print Edition)

Rise & Shine 2 Clip Art, Original Artwork by #TrinaClark #DigiScrapKits

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Just as a chicken house should be! You buy as many as you'd like. If they make you happy, get em

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Just got this for my kitchen!

Indoor Art - Outdoor Art - Wall Art - Grandin Road

20 inches by 24 inches, collage, framed with salvaged barn wood. Created from bits of torn paper adhered over an acrylic under-painting on wood panel; finished with two coats of UV protective varnish and framed without glass in order to showcase the wonderful texture created from the many layers of thick and thin papers.

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Funny Farm " Whimsical Cow & Chickens Country Animals Painting by Annie Lane

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Root Cellar

root cellar with straw bale ?

get the water out of your well when the power goes off

Off-Grid Products for Self-Reliance

Gold Forest Grains Inc.: Pasture Based Pigs

Gold Forest Grains Inc.: Pasture Based Pigs

This invention will "enable anyone to get water from deep wells without electricity or to pump volumes of water from shallow wells. In just a few minutes of pumping daily into an overhead storage tank, an entire household’s water needs can be met, enough for watering livestock and irrigating gardens."

Living Off Grid - A Home Made Deep Well Pump

Root Cellar in Basement

Build a Basement Root Cellar