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The Hurt Healer

Fill eggs with paint and toss them at canvas. Add it to the summer bucket list!>>> OMG imagine how awesome this would be!!!!

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Glowing, DIY art. Better than a nightlight! ♥ DANDELIONS!

Three-panel, dandelion wall art that lights up! | @offbeathome

3 easy homemade paints for kids you can make using items from your pantry.

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Ocean Themed Handprint & Footprint Crafts

Ocean Themed Handprint and Footprint Crafts - I Heart Arts n Crafts

Black Dot Printing, creative art project for mixed age groups of children creating pictures created with black dots similar to old style newsprint

Black Dot Printing

How to turn a large piece of fabric (shower curtain, tablecloth, sari, etc) into a stretched canvas-- on the cheap.

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Dandelions. DIY Canvas Painting.

Dandelion Canvas

Everywhere and Back archival art print by lovelysweetwilliam

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I think We Owl Love Grandma would be cuter

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I pledge allegiance to the cup that holds my caffeinated beverage and to the drink which it contains, one container, full of coffee, indispensible, with engery and caffeeine for me.

CARTOON: The Pledge


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"Gobble 'til you wobble" Wood Fall Sign Decor

Halloween Decor and Fall Decor

E.E. Cummings

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Wow, that's beautiful.

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Mother's Day handprint and footprint gifts: "You Are My Sunshine" Print by Pitter Patter Print at Etsy

Little Fingers & Toes for Mother's Day - G is for Gift

LOVE canvas using child's hand and feet

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Cut up a cheap poster and mod podge it onto small canvases- looks like expensive art work.

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one letter per canvas - love this for the WMD of the hallway

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Holy smokes. This may be the best crafting tip of the month. "print out the font you want and place wax paper over it. Trace letters with puffy paint, let dry, then use mod podge to secure letters to canvas, etc. Brilliant."

Virginia and Charlie: Canvas Project

Mommy & Baby Giraffe - quilled

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Heather Fettig

Crayon Art. this one is really cool

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New spin on crayon artwork.

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Mary Poppins

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