Uses Of Ginger

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18 Superfoods For Your Heart

18 Superfoods For Your Heart - To prevent heart attacks, avoid unhealthy food, and eat foods rich in nutrients, fiber, and healthy fats.

I Quit Sugar clears up the difference between raw cacao powder and regular cocoa powder.

The real difference between cacao and cocoa

Raw cacao vs cocoa: what’s the difference? Hint: cacao is what has the health benefits.

Thanks to the efforts of a single Peruvian researcher, a neglected and little known ancient plant was saved from certain extinction about 50 years ago.  Today that resurrected root is considered a superfood that improves energy, stamina and libido, and can help menopausal women balance their hormones naturally.

Discover what the ancient Incas already knew - the superfood from the Peruvian Andes boosts energy, stamina and sexual performance. Make a power Maca smoothie or add the powder to yogurt or hot cereal.


Cinnamon essential oil has a host of benefits including anti-inflammatory, coughs, colds, flu, and fever. Cinnamon essential oil is also a blood sugar level regulator.

Superfoods For Weight Loss

27 Superfoods For Weight Loss

Avocados - 6 superfoods to eat everyday - Women's Health & Fitness

here's a fantastic avocado based DIY face mask recipe. The mask is ideal for dry skin.

Pick Of The Week: Superfood Spirulina

Pick Of The Week: Superfood Spirulina

The 5 Ultimate Superfoods You’re Not Eating But Probably Are

The 5 Ultimate Superfoods You’re Not Eating But Probably Are

Blueberries are my favorite! Research has shown that a diet rich in blueberries may help diminish belly fat. Even if blueberries are frozen, they maintain most of their nutritional benefits.


Raw Cacao Butter

raw cacao powder

Cacao Powder

One of natures best gifts, raw cacao powder is a guilt free versatile superfood powder and is the ideal way to satisfy your cravings and balance your body and