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Sprint Triathlon Training Plan

Sprint Triathlon Training Plan: Your Swim, Bike, Run (and Lose) Plan!

Doing my first sprint tri! This training program will prepare you for the sprint triathlon distance, which consists of a half-mile swim, bike, and run. MONTH 1 MON Off TUES RUN: 20 minutes easy WED BIKE: 30 minutes easy or

6 Triathlon Mistakes to Avoid

6 Triathlon Mistakes to Avoid

6 Triathlon Mistakes to Avoid This is awesome–I did a few of these! 6 Triathlon Mistakes to Avoid This is awesome–I did a few of these!

Triathlon training tips

11 Tips for Your First Triathlon

Six-time Ironman champion Dave Scott has had years to perfect his race-day strategy. Before you head to your first triathlon, take a look at his top race-day tips.

triathlon training

Triathlon Training for Real Women: Your Plan Im not actually running a triathalon but this looks like a really good workout plan!

Triathlon Training Tips

You Can Be a Triathlete

Ready to do a triathlon? simple training plan here and swim, bike and run your butt to the finish line!


To train for, and complete, a triathalon. Read more about Triathalon training and competition in the April 13 Go Outdoors section.

SHAPE’s 3-Month Triathlon Training Plan

SHAPE’s Sprint Triathlon Training Plan Hebrews "No discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful. Later on, however, it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who have been trained by it.


Perfect for my son! TRI LOVER - We learn how to do 3 basic things as kids and forget how to do these as adults. Why, when they are key to making life so much more enjoyable.

The Ultimate Beginners Guide To Triathlons

Are you an experienced triathlete or a beginner wondering what to training and looking for support? Train with confidence and use Triathlon Help.