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Pretty Packets

The Prettiest Seed Packets IN THE WORLD!

Pretty Packets

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$1.89 80 days. Winner of many taste tests, this pinkish/red, extra large tomato has earned its blue ribbon - fabulous flavor!

$1.69 28 days. A big crimson beauty with the same great mild flavor and crunchy texture of other spring radishes.

$1.99 Wonderful flavor and aroma! An excellent container herb for indoors.

Rosemary HEIRLOOM Seeds | Botanical Interests. High Quality Seed.

$1.89 Lovely spikes of violet-blue flowers cover this royalty of salvias. Great for containers, cut and dried flowers. NATIVE.

$1.89 Silvery-blue, compact mounds with creamy flower spikes that nod in the breeze. Striking year-round accent.

Grass Blue Fescue Seeds | Botanical Interests. High Quality Seed.

$2.69 With the pungency of radish, they provide a zesty flavor to liven up any dish you sprinkle them on.

$1.99 65 days. Add tangy flavor to fresh salads. Delicious, colorful leaves provide gourmet taste straight from your garden.

$1.79 48 days. Introduced in 1890, this delizioso, old, reliable heirloom from Italy produces an abundance!

$1.89 58 days. Renowned favorite with exceptional flavor and tenderness; the best variety for freezing.

$1.99 The celery-like flavor is essential for the creative cook. Hollow stems make edible straws for tomato juice cocktails.

Lovage HEIRLOOM Seeds | Botanical Interests. High Quality Seed.

$2.99 A rich, velvety, deep red, pollenless sunflower developed for the cut flower market.

$1.89 These Irish Eyes will have you smiling! Cheerful yellow flowers with lime green centers attract butterflies!

$1.89 Brighten your garden with this beautiful, fragrant, sunny yellow North American native!

| Botanical Interests. High Quality Seed.

$1.99 Vivid red-orange flowers. Essential for butterfly and wildflower gardens. HEIRLOOM.

$2.99 56 days. A dynamic duo of peas and oats that improves your garden's soil fertility and structure.

$1.89 55 days. A slightly more buttery, nutty flavor than other summer squashes; these "flying saucers" are out of this world!

$1.79 58 days. Distinctively delicious! Bucket loads of perfect pods eaten whole, fresh in salads or as a snack.

Pea Snap Cascadia Seeds | Botanical Interests. High Quality Seed.

$2.69 Heavenly scented, show-stopping flowers open late in the day to enhance your evening stroll through the garden. HEIRLOOM.

$1.89 The strong, unique taste and aroma of sage enhances the flavor of many dishes.

$1.99 An old-fashioned variety with stunning color, brought to America from Bavaria in the 1870s. HEIRLOOM.

$1.79 Graceful flowers in a beautiful range of colors provide nectar for hummingbirds and sphinx moths. HEIRLOOM.

$2.39 50 days. A Middle Eastern favorite, this wonderful squash is excellent stuffed, or steamed with butter and garlic.

| Botanical Interests. High Quality Seed.

$1.99 Lupine Russell. Stately lupines always elicit a "wow!". This colorful array of tall flower spikes will take your breath away! NATIVE.

$3.49 Now THIS is a cool gourd! Beware of goblins laying eggs in the garden! Great for arts and crafts, autumn decor, or fall decor.

$2.99 30-40 days. So easy to grow your own green manure for healthier, more productive soil. HEIRLOOM.