Sefana Boubendir

Sefana Boubendir

Sefana Boubendir
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Fire and Ice

Electric Blue Dance of Lava with Water in Hawaii Camera Canon EOS Mark II Focal Length Shutter Speed 1 sec Aperture ISO/Film 100 Category : Milky way scientists ~ Landscapes Taken January 2011 Copyright : Miles Morgan

Les Paysages numériques de Rêve de Filip Hodas (16)

Digital artist Filip Hodas creates otherwordly renderings depicting dreamscapes of floating objects in striking colors.

La mort étrange d'ancêtres géants du Soleil

This image is a slice through the interior of a supermassive star of solar masses along the axis of symmetry. It shows the inner helium core in which nuclear burning is converting helium to oxygen, powering various fluid instabilities (swirling lines).