Kayla Mihamma

Kayla Mihamma

l'Amitié c'est sacré
Kayla Mihamma
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Le fort pris d’assaut… par les touristes

marcbourbonaerophoto: Fort La Latte en Bretagne entre Saint Malo et Saint Brieuc. Fort La Latte in Bretagne in France between Saint Malo and Saint Brieuc.

Le château de Puilaurens 	|

The Château de Puilaurens is one of the so-called Cathar castles in what is now the South of France. It is located in the commune of Lapradelle-Puilaurens

Conceptual Art by Viktor Fetsch

Throne of Glass by Fetsch. I love this. Her outfit is perfect. As is the rest of her. Almost exactly how I pictured her. [for those of you who don't know; Throne of Glass is the first book in a series by Sarah J. It's amazing.

Champions | League of Legends

League of Legends item Classic Karma at MOBAFire. League of Legends Premiere Strategy Build Guides and Tools.

Volibear | League of Legends

League of Legends Captain Volibear Constable Trundle Skin Splash Art