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What a Trip, Follow 12 Tribes of Israel to Promised Land - Kids Korner - Biblewise

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Plague of Frogs (217-893) from Guildcraft Arts & Crafts! With a tongue that moves and uncurls, this craft is a memorable way to learn about the plagues in the book of Exodus and how God rescued the Israelites from slavery. Includes preprinted and precolored frogs, blowers, wiggle eyes and a glue stick. 4 1/2" x 4 1/2".

Plague of Frogs

The Tabernacle (Part 1) Computer animated building of parts of the Tabernacle.


Jericho - Walls

Joshua And The Walls Of Jericho

12 spies craft

Twelve Spies

Sending out the 12 spies craft activity: Use plastic cups and purple paint to paint a cluster of 12 grapes and then write the names of each tribe inside the grapes. Adapt this plastic cup printing method (2 minute 27 second video) at

Twelve Tribes and Twelve Spies

Kid's video on the golden calf

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Golden Calf- Teaching Resources

The Golden Calf

quail Craft - God gives the Israelites quail. body can be made from a paper plate folded in half.

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