Glow-in-the dark paint and jars!  Creative!

Crafts & Fun for all Levels

You will need: a jar and glow-in-the-dark paint! First, take one of the jars and rinse it out. Next, take a paint brush and decorate the inside of the jar with polka dots of glow paint. Finally, go into a dark space and watch your jar glow!

Best homemade laundry detergent tutorial. Works on HE washers!

Liquid Laundry Detergent Recipe - I love the idea of hanging hooks on the side of the container for the measuring cup and downy ball.

cute idea for the first day of school pics.

Welcome to our guide to Back-to-School Success: 31 days of tips, apps, recipes, and more to help you make this your family's best school year yet. Today, we're sharing some inspiration for your first day of school photos. It's coming! Back-to-school

Count Your Blessings

Be Honest. Count Your Blessings. Bear each others Burdens. Forgive and Forget. Be Kind & Tender Hearted. Comfort on Another. Keep Your Promises. Be Proud of Each Other. Be True to Each Other. Look After Each Other. Love One Another.

Cutest idea!!  Serve hot chocolate or fill with holiday goodies to share!

Snowman Cups with white coffee cups and lids.great gifts for kids.just fill with candy and little gifts. Be good for kids drinking hot cocoa

diy holiday lights. cute!

AhHa, cute way to dress up twinkle lights - Firefly Christmas Lights - tie strips of tulle along string of white lights. This might be pretty for a wedding as well.

Best video ever!!! This is going to be my wedding someday! ha

coordinated dance at the RECEPTION JK Wedding Entrance Dance (Forever - Chris Brown) hmmm whatcha think S S Nunneley Godwin, Cherchio Cherchio Richards, Scott Scott Cogan, Lyons Wilson Davis, Jost Jost Casey

Pan-Seared Sesame-Crusted Tuna

Bonefish Grill Tuna Sashimi and Seared Ahi Tuna Loin Another great bonefish grill recipe to try.a great combination !

WOW! Duct Tape Purses that are gorgeous.

Cannot believe this is a duct tape purse ~ so chic looking ~ DIY from Second Chances by Susan: Duct Tape Purses

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